All You Need to Know About Renting

For tenants looking for a new home to lease or a property to rent, we have outlined the leasing and renting process in a simple guide for you:

  • Have thoroughly researched your accommodation needs as they relate to your overall lifestyle pattern and those of any other people involved
  • Work out exactly what you can afford to pay in rent and have evidence of this capacity available together with references if asked to produce them
  • Have looked at an extensive range of rental properties before deciding
  • Examine the proposed tenancy agreement, the list of inclusions if any and satisfy yourselves that the premises condition report is accurate. If you feel the need to take photographs, do so but to be valid, they must form part of the agreed premises condition report before taking occupancy.
  • It is vitally important at this stage before signing any agreement, that you are happy with its terms
  • If there is any part of the agreement which you do not understand or agree with then ask the agent managing the property to explain it and if necessary seek changes from the owner.
  • Do not hesitate to seek independent advice from the residential tenancy authority
  • In some instances, competitive demand may preclude this level of detailed check, however, as a tenant you must be aware of and in agreement with your obligations as noted in the agreement.

Property Inspections

If you would like to lease the property you have inspected, the agent will provide you with a tenancy application form. You will need to fill this out and usually provide the agent with supporting documentation for processing including:

  • Photo ID – Passport, driver’s license or 18+ card;
  • Proof of present address;
  • Proof of income – including employment details, pay slip, bank statement or a Centrelink letter;
  • Any previous tenant ledger/receipts (if available)
  • Proof of ownership of a property (if applicable)
  • Proof of savings indicating your ability to pay the rent and associated costs

Once an application has been submitted and the relevant checks have been carried out, the agent will make contact with the owner to discuss the application. The owner will then decide, based on the information submitted, whether to accept or decline your application.

If accepted, the agent will contact you to discuss the monies owing and any special conditions. They will also arrange a “sign up” date and your “move in” date. For more information or assistance on renting property on the Sunshine Coast, please contact Define Property Agents via our web forms, email, or give us a call!