Top Tips for Selling Your Property

Whatever your motive for selling your property is, the process can either be stress-free and lucrative, or tense and disappointing. The good news is that you have the ability to choose. Define Property Agents specialise in knowing the local area, and their commitment and personalised service allows them to deliver the results you want.

Define Property Agents will tailor a marketing programme specific to your property and offer sound advice in selecting the best method of sale for you.

Prepare Your Property for Sale

The presentation of your property is a crucial factor in achieving the highest possible price. Buyers’ interest is unlikely to be generated by a poorly presented property.  A neglected building sends out ‘warning signals’ to prospective buyers. Our agents can help you ensure that your property is in peak condition when potential buyers start to view it.

To get your property looking its absolute best, take a little time to “spring clean” and prepare your property for sale.  Some of the biggest turn-offs for buyers include:

  • Animal/Cigarette or strong food odours in the house
  • Evidence of damp or moisture in the walls 
  • Doors, windows or gates that stick 
  • Cracked glass 
  • Too much furniture or personal belongings cluttering the space 
  • Stained carpet 
  • Untidy gardens and entrance to the property

To improve the presentation of your home and enhance your chances of a successful sale, seek an outside opinion, as many of these problems can be fixed over a weekend for little expense.

At Define Property Agents, we are at the forefront of not only the industry, but also technology, and that gives us the edge to be able to tailor marketing strategies to your needs without compromising on the price you want for your home. We can make the marketing cost-effective without breaking the bank. Our email alert system is world-class and, with the selling strategies we use that have been developed over the best part of 2 decades, we can make tens of thousands times the difference to the eventual sale price.

Our agents can also assist you with property management services and property appraisal services. Our comprehensive range of solutions means that you don’t have to worry about anything – our experts have the necessary tools and experience to ensure the success of the sale of your home!

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