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Landlord Market Update

It is no secret that rental property demand has surged on the Sunshine Coast. Properties are leasing within days of hitting the market or often prior to the first inspection. With unprecedented numbers of tenants applying for properties landlords are being spoiled for choice when leasing their property and are seeing increased returns with both

Property Predictions 2021

The year 2020 was an uncertain time for the property market. Despite predictions of large price falls early in the coronavirus recession, the property sector has come through the crisis in remarkably good shape.  With property prices increasing  during the pandemic and supply still low buyer demand is at an all time high, it’s certainly

Congratulations to Jordan & Grant

Congratulations to our agents Jordan Barden & Grant Whisker for being voted as number 1 & 2 for Sunshine Coast Top Agents! At Define Property Agents, we’re proud to share this fantastic result and also highlight how both agents have come so far from non-realestate backgrounds and made their way to win the top two

Our 2020 Property Market Update

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already looking ahead at what you can expect from the property market for the rest of this year, particularly if your goal for 2020 is to sell your home. To set meaningful goals before you sell your property, it’s important to establish a thorough understanding of the Sunshine

Sunshine Coast Property Market

Today is a better time than ever to get excited about the Sunshine Coast property market!   Our region is one of the hottest property markets in Queensland right now. Our state is enjoying the benefits of the highest interstate migration rate in the country and the Sunshine Coast is at the forefront.   We

Dream Home or Dream “Burb”

Recent research shows that for most Australians, location isn’t always everything and instead the majority of home buyers are searching outside of their dream suburbs for a more affordable abode.   It’s the million-dollar question for house hunters– how do you choose the right suburb to buy in? While there’s no one answer, there is a

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