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Our team of experienced property management professionals like to do things a little differently, we want our clients to be thrilled with our service! Backed by our unique Client Commitment Charter, we have standards in place to ensure a high level of communication and attention to detail at all times. Our dedicated & proactive team have the lowest vacancy rates on the coast, and advertise our properties across 5 websites plus our social media channels. We have zero tolerance on rental arrears and all staff have been specially trained in the

We aim to build a personal relationship with all our clients. You will hear from our office regularly throughout the year just to touch base and ensure that you are happy with our service. We keep you informed of legislation changes to make sure not only is your property protected but you are as well. If you are feeling like all property management companies are the same, we are different! And if you want to change but you’re just not sure how to go about it and how long the process of change will take, we would love to take the opportunity to talk with you! Changing over is easy and we handle all the paperwork and deal with the previous agent on your behalf!

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