Good News For Sunshine Coast Property Owners

While many are unsure about the current market and hesitant to take next steps, we’re not surprised to see that the strong Sunshine Coast market is powering through.

When researching the property market, it’s important to note that much of our mainstream reporting is based solely on conditions and situations in Sydney and Melbourne. This can give many a skewed idea of what the market actually looks like. Purely taking your news from these sources means that you may not know the Sunshine Coast region continues to grow during COVID-19.

Experts have rated this region as one of the strongest economic and real estate stories in the nation with notable growth pockets throughout. We’re also seeing strength in our economy through continued regional tourism.

The resilience and strength we are seeing in the market make this the perfect region for investors. If you want to navigate the bumps in the market securing property in a well-insulated, growing region is the way to do it!

Increased buyer demand thanks to the low-interest-rate environment on top of the strength of the Sunshine Coast market, also makes it a great time to sell. If you are considering selling the timing is right. Get in touch today.

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