Dream Home or Dream “Burb”

Recent research shows that for most Australians, location isn’t always everything and instead the majority of home buyers are searching outside of their dream suburbs for a more affordable abode.   It’s the million-dollar question for house hunters– how do you choose the right suburb to buy in?

While there’s no one answer, there is a well-tested formula for success, many factors go into selecting a suburb, but regardless budget must always come first. First and foremost, you have to understand what you can afford.  Set a budget and work from there.

You also want to be able to actually live in a place, as well as own it, without adversely affecting your lifestyle too much. Every buyer has different lifestyle needs and identifying them is vital, as they’re central to the decision.  For most, it’s about ‘the village’ of a suburb, which is where the community is based, the shops, where you might walk to, to grab a coffee. It makes up the actual lifestyle of a place. Transport, school zones, shops and services all play a role in the lifestyle value of a suburb.

Potential resale should also be front of mind. While many Australians now have investment properties, and are strategic about the location, return, desirability and resale value of such properties– emotion often takes over when looking for a home to live in.  Just as with an investment property, buyers should look for properties which have the attributes which drive value.

If you need help finding that dream home or researching the ideal suburb contact one of our Define Property Agents, with our extensive knowledge of the Sunshine Coast our area specialists can provide you with Suburb specific insights that will help you find your village.


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