Auctioning can be a great way to sell Real Estate but thinking it’s the only way can be costly, the first step in deciding to go to auction is choosing an agent that has lots of experience selling via auction, an agent without experience or an experienced team can be disastrous.

Last week we were working with buyers that were interested in buying a property going to auction with one of our opposition agents, before the auction they had told us they were happy to pay $380,000 at auction for the  property, upon follow up after the auction they told us they were happy the agent wouldn’t take their prior auction offer as they purchased the property for $360,000. Now how would the sellers feel knowing this? This is the result of poor buyer handling skills prior to auction, a number of things should have happened with this buyer prior to auction the obvious was a pre-auction offer, this comes down to a lack of experience on the agents behalf and a very costly result for the owner.

We at Define Property Agents have evolved with the times and have produced results above satisfaction via unique methods and customised approach, our No1 goal every time is to perform for our owners and put them first without question, our results speak for themselves, and our past clients testimonials from recent and past sales are testament to our commitment to service both in Sales and Property Management.

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